[Fixed] Erroneous $200 Dell Credits Posting for 2021

(Update 1/8/21: No clawbacks yet, but the issue has been fixed for purchases made a few days ago with credits posting today of only $100. Per reader Brent)

Lots of people have made purchases at Dell since January 1 on their Platinum business card expecting $100 credit, and they ended up getting credited more than $100. E.g. they made a $250 purchase and got $200 credit or they made $150 purchase and get $150 credit.

This is due to the extra $100 Dell credit which was given out last year, making for a total of $200 in Dell credits for the latter half of 2020. This bonus credit was not slated to repeat itself in 2021, meaning there’s really just supposed to be $100 credit for January – June 2021. Yet the credit is posting as if there’s $200 in credits now available ($100 regular + $100 bonus).

People have already called the bank hoping this was an indication that the 2020 offer was renewed in 2021, and they were told the credit is in error.├é┬áHonestly I’m pretty sure this one would have been discovered regardless. Now it’s just a question whether the bank will claw back the credits. My guess is they well. In any case, it’s good to have a headsup to understand what’s going on. If you want, you can try your luck and hope it doesn’t get clawed back.

Source: doctorofcredit.com